Village of Southern View

Neighborhood Watch

Neighbors Watching out for Neighbors

**********If you have an EMERGENCY Dial 911************* 
Otherwise please telephone 753-6666, ask for the Southern View Officer on Duty

'Always remember that your responsibility is to report crime. 
Do NOT take any risks to attempt to prevent a crime or try to make an arrest. 
The responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the police.'


Next Neighborhood Watch Meeting

        Monday  -  September 16, 2019  -    6:00 P.M.

The meeting will be held at the Municipal Building -
Village of Southern View 3410 South Fifth Southern View, Illinois
with the Village providing Chili, hotdogs, coffee and water.

:  Mark with Bailey Family Insurance who will be speaking about proper insurance and other important information.

R. S. V. P.  PRIOR  TO  SEPTEMBER 9th  --   PLEASE  TELEPHONE  529-3352



Be Aware / Be Safe / Be observant

Educate residents to be aware of their surroundings: communicate, observe and report any suspicious activity to the Southern View Police Dept.

You can help by reporting an incident that you would like to have investigated by clicking.HERE

Safeguard residents through means of crime prevention education and regular communication of information to one's own neighbors.

If interested in volunteering to become a block captain.
Email for info   Click Here
Participate! Help keep our neighborhood safe!
Organize and promote community involvement by getting to know your neighbors.

The “Sweet” Duties of a Block Captain are to be:

Safe – Report any unusual or suspicious behavior. Write down license numbers descriptions or any other information available. Remember the responsibility for apprehending criminals belongs to the Southern View Police.

United – Develop communication networks with your neighbors and fellow block captains so vital information can be shared whenever necessary.

Good Neighbor – Look out for your neighbor’s property and ask them to look out for yours.

Aware – Attend Neighborhood Watch meetings with your local police, neighbors, and other crime prevention and service organizations.

Reliable – Distribute information and perform your responsibilities in a timely manner. 

Neighborhood Watch

Rebecca LaRussa, Public  Relations
Phone Number 217-891-4507

* Sex Offenders Registry
* States Attorney
* American Red Cross