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The Village of Southern View was incorporated on July 17, 1939. We celebrated our 75th anniversary  in 2014.

Located within the Illinois heartland, the Village of Southern View is on the south side of Springfield. Our population fluctuates slightly, but hovers around 1600.

The Village sits on 398 acres and an altitude of 610 feet above sea level.


Southern View is made up of both a residential district, as well as a commercial district. Many residents can trace generations of family to the village. Local businesses that have been in the community for many years are still thriving.

Our community park covers 29 acres. It comprises of two baseball fields. 1 soccer field, roller hockey arena, a 1.6 acre pond, two play areas, and three covered areas for get togethers.

Multiple generations of families call the village their home.

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Village of Southern View

3410 South Fifth Southern View, Illinois 62703