Southern View Honor Roll


Rick Allen

Jeremy Burdick

George Mangiaracina

James Mueller

Bob Bartlett

Thomas Bowman


 John Roscetti 

Francis La Rocca-Relzden

Larry Creviston

Gabriel Gonzalez

Elmer Reguarth

Merle Seaver 


 Arthur Clayton

Waddell Christopher

Brent Sutton

Bob Schaffner

Leighton Cline

James Clancy 


Tom Schuh

Rocky Schoenrock

David Wayne Dodson

Frank Green

Robert Stroh

Joe Sawyer 


David Goad

Carl Green

Ed Shaw * Silver Star Award

Frank Van Fossan

Kevin Hudson

Fred Hoffmann


 Howard Kurtz * Silver Star Award

James La Rocca

Joshua Von Lamken

Michael T. Calandrino

Charles Lovinggood

Sam Montalbano 

local Veteran recognition

Are you a Village resident?   Did you serve in the military?  Are you active in the military?

If you have answered yes to two or more of these questions, contact the Southern View Village Office at 217-529-3352 and let us know!  We would love to honor your service and your commitment you have shown our great nation by adding you to our Honor Roll.  We welcome the knowledge of the branch and years you gave our country.  Its a small gesture of thanks to our military residents.